S.C.A.D.A. System (Data Collection and Supervisory Control System)



S.C.A.D.A. System (Data Collection and Supervisory Control System) ASHIDA SCADA Systems, IED based (Relays, RTU, Energy Analyzers, etc.) is a Transformer Central Automation System with a strong and flexible structure. As seen on the diagram, separate sections are connected to IEDs with separate SCADA modules or with the ability to collect data at the departmental level and communicate in digital format.

A common open source protocol allows for the integration of these separate components without fault to form a distributed monitoring and control system by providing a common data path format.

The communication ports of these IEDs can be connected to the host computer using an appropriate communication environment. The communication environment can be RS485, copper cable, fiber optic, Ethernet and any other medium.

Thus, ASCADA-SAS can also be integrated with protection relays, IEDs or measuring devices from different companies, which support the standard protocols required to provide additional protection data and robust failure analysis.

Standard protocols include ASCADA, IEC60870-5-103, DNP3, MODBUS, SPORT and similar protocols. It is possible to transmit all parameters to a separate system such as a central controller or GIS.