2 Time delay starting or closing relay
3 Trip circuits monitoring
21 Distance protection
25 Synchrocheck
27 Undervoltage function
27R Additional undervoltage function
37 Undercurrent detection
46 Unbalance negative sequence current protection
47 Voltage unbalance protection
49 Thermal image
50 Phase instantaneous overcurrent function
50C Transformers tank protection
50FA Instantaneous overcurrent with harmonics restrain
50N Neutral / Ground Instantaneous overcurrent function
50Ns Sensitive neutral instantaneous overcurrent function
50N/50Ns Sensitive neutral instantaneous overcurrent unit
50Nd/51Nd Neutral unbalance (WYE connection)
50d/51d Current unbalance in double WYE Capacitor banks
50s+62 Circuit breaker failure protection
51 Phase overcurrent function
51N Neutral overcurrent function
50N/51Ns Neutral/Sensitive neutral time overcurrent
51RB Protection against blocked rotor
59 Overvoltage function
59N Zero sequence overvoltage function
64 Ground faults protection
66 Excessive number of start ups (motors)
67 Directional phase overcurrent
67N Directional neutral overcurrent
67NA Directional zero sequence overcurrent (Isolated neutral networks)
79 Recloser
81 M/m Over/under frequency
87 Differential protection
95 Special neutral overcurrent function
95N Special neutral overcurrent function.